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The following North Dallas communities:
Carrollton, TX
Farmers Branch, TX
Addison, TX
West Plano, TX

In-Home Boarding Services

For in-home care, please contact PET MOM® directly at 972-977-5670 to discuss availability and options.

Services Provided

Pet Mom Reminders

1. Please have everything necessary to care for you pet (food, medication, cleaning supplies (including towels, paper towels, rags, mop, floor/carpet cleaner),leashes, toys, etc.) in the one central area agreed upon during the consultation.

2. Provide extra food, litter and supplies in case they are needed.

3. Provide PET MOM® a garage door opener if she will be parking in the garage.

4. Leave an item of clothing you have worn recently as a security blanket for your pet.

5. Please leave a list of telephone numbers for your various household services in case PET MOM® needs to respond to an emergence: plumber, electrician, heating/air conditioning repairman, pool maintenance service, etc.

6. Inform neighbors, security company, or anyone with access to the house that PET MOM® will be servicing your pet and home.

7. Be sure your fence is secure.

8. Please be sure the temperature of your home is comfortable for your pet AND PET MOM® .

9. Account for your cat before you leave. Make sure it is not trapped in the closet or cupboard.

10. Finally, please remember that PET MOM® encourages you to call anytime to check on your pet and home. 

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PET MOM® Services

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  • Feeding, exercising, playing with your pet in it's familiar surroundings (your home/yard) when you are away.
  • Meeting your pet's special needs, including administering medications or adhering to specific dietary requirements. 
  • Helping secure your home with the impression of occupancy; alternating lights, adjusting blinds, and inspecting premises.
  • Picking up mail, newspapers, and fliers.
  • Watering plants (inside and outside).
  • Cleaning litter box and/or yard.
  • Preparing for your return; adjusting thermostat and starting other cars to protect batteries; cleaning primary work area. 
  • Transporting your pet to and from your veterinarian, groomer, or elsewhere anytime you cannot.
  • Exercising your pet anytime you are unable to do so.