PET MOM® Policies

  • It is recommended that your pet wear current identification tags and/or chipped.
  • Your pet must be current with his/her vaccinations.
  • In inclement weather, PET MOM® will visit your pet/home as soon as safe travel is ensured.
  • Visits will be made within 30 minutes before or after the designated time. For scheduling reasons, PET MOM® must have this flexibility.
  • PET MOM® washes her hands thoroughly between stops and uses insect repellent on arms and legs during summer.
  • PET MOM® maintains confidentiality regarding the job. She will not discuss your job with anyone.
  • ​No one else will be inside your house except your PET MOM® unless approved by you.
  • Call or text anytime regarding the status of your pet/home.

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