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A Letter From The Owner



I'm Deborah Harmon, owner and operator of PET MOM®, thank you for visiting my website and I hope that PET MOM® can fulfill all of your pet care needs.

PET MOM® was established in 1990 after I left the corporate world and I have never been happier. Although I have been an avid animal lover since I was a child, it was not until I started working in the pet care service industry that my love for animals really blossomed. Seeing the joy that animals bring to their owners and having the opportunity to take care of them makes PET MOM® a truly rewarding experience for me. The entire PET MOM® staff shares my enthusiasm for our work and is ready to assist you in any way that they can.

My husband and I currently have four dogs (Annie, Jack, Bandita, and Joker), one cat (Cassie), and a tankful of fish in our menagerie. All of our dogs and cats were rescue animals and are a daily blessing to our home. We've had as many as seven "fur-babies" in the recent past, but have lost a few due to old age. However, with the many client guests at the house, our home never seems empty and is never void of action.

PET MOM® has been a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI) since 1995 and we are huge supporters of Operation Kindness in Carrollton, a no-kill shelter.

If you ever have any questions or feel that PET MOM® can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Deborah Harmon